Policy Description
Fuel Charges Fuel charges in most cases are not included in the rental charges and needs to be borne by the customer. In case there are offers which include fuel expenditures it will be mentioned.
Security Deposit Security Deposit in most cases will be a standard Rs. 5,000 which is required to be paid along with the complete rental amount in advance at the time of pickup. However in case there are any specific requirements of the vendor, the same will be mentioned at the time of checkout. As a standard policy any customer unable to provide an employee id proof will have to submit a signed blank cheque for the duration of the booking instead of the security deposit amount.
Duration The duration for which the rental fee is charged is either mention explicitly or is calculated on the basis of the period for which the booking request is being processed.
Cancellation 1.   Bookings can be cancelled by calling +91-9740999019 and mentioning the booking details.
2.   In case of cancellation before 48 hours of booking (start time), a fixed amount of Rs. 500 will be deducted from the advance. The rest of the advanced will be transferred back to your account by the vendor.
3.   In case of cancellation within 48 hours of booking (start time), an amount equal to one day's rental for the booking will be deducted .
Booking Extension 1.   To extend your booking please call +91-9740999019 which can be provided only on the basis of availability.
2.   In case the request is made before the start of the booking, based on the availability the booking may be extendable without any extra charges.
3.   In case the request is made during the booking, based on the availability the booking may be extendable however 20% over the rental charges will be levied.
4.   In case any delay is caused without prior information the customer must bear an amout of Rs. 500 + 2*rental charges for the delay period.
Speed Limit The Speed Limit is 115 Km/h which is set considering the safety of the passengers and the car. A fine of Rs. 300 is charged for every breach.
Taxes and Road Expenses. All Taxes are included in the prices mentioned. Any road breakdowns or mechanical insufficiencies related to the car need to be informed to the contact of the vendor provided in the confirmation email and text message. All expenses related to the advance will be reimbersed only if the matter had been informed. Any repairs or modifications made to the car will not only be non-reimbersible but may also lead to penalties based on the vendor's discretion.
Payments and Reimbursements Payments and deposits are not handled by Peersome, we are just a connecting platform which can be used by customers to view a large number of listings and choices. Peersome will not be responsible for any refund or settlements which needs to be done with the vendor.
Cleanliness and Maintenance Peersome will encourage vendors to hand over cars to customers in a clean condition and it is expected that the car will be returned in the same condition. Use of chewing gum, tobacco or any tobacco based product inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Users will be penalized in case ash, spit marks or remains of chewing gum are detected inside the vehicle at the time when possession of the vehicle is returned. Burning of any substance inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. This is not limited to but includes cigarettes, incense sticks or any form of medication/drugs. Fee charged for deterioration of the condition of the car will be based on the policies of the respective vendor. Consumption and/or use of any illegal substance in the car will result in a penalty of Rs. 5,000. Use of any substances prohibited for hygene purposes wll result in a penalty starting from Rs.300.
Damages Peersome will not be responsible for any charges borne due to damages made to the car. Any charges incurred due to any damages caused during the booking will have to be borne by the customer or has to be settled with the vendor. It is advisable that for proof, the customer keeps photographs of the car at the start of the trip to take into account any existing dents or scratches.